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PhoneCo is an Authorized Panasonic Telecommunications Dealer, a Mitel Authorized Dealer, NEC Canada Authorized Dealer and an E-MetroTel Authorized Dealer. Our technicians are trained directly by the manufacturer. We carry their complete line of telecommunication products.

Phone Solutions are reviewing your existing Telephone system and proposing a replacement system to fit your phone requirement while making the system easy to use and user friendly. That may include reviewing your existing telephone lines and phone bills and internet service to see how and when you can use new technology in phones and when to lever your existing phone system to support these new phone feature while upgrading parts or all you phone system. PhoneCo carried 4 different manufacturer’s product for an on your premise solution (controller) . We carry Panasonic, Mitel, E-MetroTel and NEC. And PhoneCo also carries SIP or Cloud based solutions through Panasonic, Mitel, E-MetroTel, NEC, YeaLink, Grandstream and Polycom (Poly). 

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