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PhoneCo Inc Grande Prairie
PhoneCo Grande Prairie

Why choose PhoneCo?

01. Area Expertise

PhoneCo primarily serves the geographic area of North-Western Alberta, Central-Alberta and North-Eastern British Columbia, though our service extends well into British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  PhoneCo has strong partnerships with over twenty (20) telecommunication service providers in Western Canada, enabling us to become a regional leader in the provision of telecommunications and data services.

02. Most Recent Recognitions

2020 - PhoneCo becomes a NEC Canada phone dealer

2021 - PhoneCo works with E-MetroTel to support Panasonic phones on their systems

2022 - PhoneCo expands their Cloud/Hosted phone system services

03. Custom-Tailored Solutions

Whether you require a cellular telephone, a business telephone system, a paging system, a security system, network cabling or new network services, PhoneCo is proud to offer a complete one-stop communication solution.

04. Locally Owned and Operated

PhoneCo, founded in 1994, is locally owned and operated in the Peace Country. With almost three decades of connection to the area, PhoneCo knows the value and importance of local, small businesses.

05. Progress

Beyond expertise and customer service, PhoneCo is built on the pillar of progression and constant evolution. PhoneCo offers the most up to date Telecom solutions.

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